Split-Testing – What is it and how to use it

Starting an ad campaign but not sure which photo to use? How should you word it? Are we going casual or taking more of a formal tone? There are quite a few elements to consider before designing an advert and putting your cash behind it. Here we talk about Split-testing to give you a strategy to design.


Split-testing or A/B testing is an easy way to establish which part of your ad is the most successful in grabbing attention and creating conversions. You can play about with different headlines, graphics, call-to-actions and text to define what works best for your target audience and ultimately save money!
Whilst this all sounds great, don’t get carried away with testing too many factors at once. Doing so can give you diluted and unreliable results that can’t be optimized upon quickly.



Adespresso recently analysed millions of dollars of split test ads and determined the below elements to give the biggest gains:

Ads Design Ads Targeting Others
1.       Image 1.       Country 1.       Ad type
2.       Post Text 2.       Gender 2.       Bidding (oCPM, CPC, CPM)
3.       Landing page 3.       Interests 3.       oCPM Optimisation (Clicks, conversions, engagements)
4.       Headline 4.       Age
5.       Placement (news feed or right hand column?) 5.       Custom audiences
6.       Relationship status
7.       Purchase behaviours
8.       Education levels

Stick to broad experiments first, then once the results are in you can begin to refine them. This will allow you to optimise your ads much faster.

Instead of immediately testing 10 age ranges, you can first test if young users (13-40) will work better than older ones (40-65). Once you have an answer, just refine your experiment to further test within the winning range (i.e. 13-18, 18-25, 25-35, 35-45)?

Did it work?

So we’ve run all our variable ads, got the results but not sure if the variance was significant?

Check out this nifty calculator VMO have developed for a quick confirmation. Any test with a P-Value of less than 0.05 has been successful.


Split-testing Significance Calculator


Fantastic news! Now we know our preferred ad or audience to target we can ramp up the spend and get those conversions in!

For more help on social media advertising, our Generate team are always available to give you some pointers. Or we can manage them all for you on your behalf. Get in touch for a chat at uaeteam@adeogroup.ae!


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