Ways To Improve The Customer Experience For Online Shoppers.


The purpose of eCommerce is to sell products and services and the most efficient way of doing this is by increasing conversion rates, turning visitors to your site from browsers to customers.  At the Adeo Group, we recognise that the best way to do this is by delivering the best customer experience possible. The product page of any eCommerce website is vital, this is where buying decisions are made so it needs to hold your potential customer long enough to click through to checkout. We’ve put together a few helpful tips to improve customer experience for your online shoppers.


Make sure you have Google visibility. Google algorithms reward helpful websites, good content and SEO. 160 character meta-descriptions are always really valuable, they’re the first things your customer sees when they do a Google search. Next make sure you’re mobile ready. More than 50% of website traffic is now coming through mobiles and tablets, a trend that’s only going to increase.



Once browsers are on your page they want to know what you are offering. Photographs should be genuine, creative and inspirational and make your customers really want to own your products. It really is true that a good photograph is worth a thousand words or at least a sale. A good zoom facility highlights the finer details. Back photographs up with well-written content descriptions that are informative, evocative and truthful. This is also a good opportunity to provide links to related products- particularly useful with fashion, furniture or home decor. Customer reviews are trusted 12 times more than brand marketing. A couple of genuine reviews might just make the sale at this point.


Availability, scarcity, delivery, return and refund procedures should all be clearly visible and if they’re not on the same page as the product, easy to find. Customers don’t like having their time wasted. This all goes hand in hand with fast and easy search and navigation. Sometimes problems are unavoidable and your customers will need to contact you. Tackle customer contact with FAQ sections, easy to find phone numbers and email addresses or, even better, with Live Chat.

Finally, make checkout simple with green for go buttons and plan your budget so you can offer free shipping. Customers love this! – If you require anymore information on how to improve the customer experience for online shoppers then why not get in touch – We are on Twitter and Facebook!

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